How to protect the people’s livelihood in Chaohu, three carriages drive

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in our daily lives, to protect the vital interests of the people is essential, only to protect the interests of the people in order to protect the long-term stability of society, in order to promote the continuous development of society. Education, employment, medical care is the three major areas of social interests of the people, but also to protect the livelihood of the people, "the three carriages". Chaohu City, to protect and improve people’s livelihood in an important position of the whole work, the rights to education, employment medical terms on a new level, the broad masses of people to enjoy the benefits of economic and social development. So, how to protect the livelihood of the people of Chaohu, "three carriages" drive?

education to ensure the safety of the masses to teach. Chaohu attaches great importance to education, education has always been placed in a prominent position in economic and social development to support, and strive to achieve sound and rapid development of education. Vigorously promote urban and rural development, improve the city compulsory education stage school public funds subsidy standards.

2016 years of rural compulsory education stage from student tuition subsidies and public school funding the number of students to 64417 people, rural compulsory education free National Curriculum textbooks 64417 the number of students, subsidies for compulsory education stage family economic difficulties for boarding students number 1390, repair and renovation of rural compulsory education stage school building area of 30883 square meters; perfect the supporting system for poor students in secondary vocational schools, the state grants 90, secondary vocational school tuition free, 355 high school state grants 3097 people, to ensure the timely and full payment of funds; to rural compulsory education students in 64417 people to provide free operation of the. With a total investment of 62 million 997 thousand yuan, the government has effectively guaranteed the development of education.

car to protect public employment employment. Chaohu to carry out a full range of employment services, and actively expand employment channels, to solve the problem of employment in the region. In 2016, the purchase of 130 public service jobs, provide employment Tuodi for employment difficulties, job wages not lower than the local minimum wage standards; the development of 127 for the employment of college graduates trainee positions within 1 years after graduation to absorb the employment of college graduates leave school for 3-12 months of employment practice; organize the implementation of employment skills training 2088 people, the training of qualified rate reached 100%, the number of training after obtaining occupation qualification certificate or certificate of special occupation ability training to reach the number of 1603 people, collection rate of 76.77%; to organize the implementation of occupation training of farmers, including the production and operation of farmers 55 people, professional skills of farmers 50, new agricultural business entities agricultural electricity supplier personnel 160 people, significantly enhance the employment ability of the masses.

medical car to protect public medical services. Chaohu solve a number of people concerned about health issues, medical and health work to a new level. Chaohu city has a total of 631 thousand and 869 copies of health records, electronic filing recommended 63.1

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