What kind of investment projects to make money

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in the present market, to market opportunities is equivalent to grasp market opportunities, so that you will earn money more wealth, then the investment what is the future of the hottest market?

so, for what do investment, to identify the market, find the difference of success in the market. Looking at China today, every promising young man is looking for a breakthrough to seek change. Those who have ideas and who dare to act are sure to achieve success, but there are many who have ideas, but few of them. The reason is that a lot of ideas too much space, not feasible, not suitable for us ordinary people.


I contacted early qianqianwan, found that many early entrepreneurial friends into a misunderstanding, that is to start doing some feats qiguishen shaking heaven and earth, often some of the great idea of his excitement for a long time that they lose self-control is Bill Gates, Shi Yuzhu, second. In fact, this is a big mistake, as a young friend, there is an idea is very worthy of recognition and encouragement of things, to prove the spirit of progress.

but, you know, a lot of great ideas because of its "great" or the reality of the lack of institutional support, or too far away from us ordinary people, the lack of enforceability of us ordinary people, may be here, a lot of young people could not resist the temptation to jump out shouting "entrepreneurship is to as the wealth hero line, dare to dare to do". For this kind of friends, I often have the patience to answer, did not think so wrong, just fantasy useless, so we might as well use those wealth heroes to motivate us based on reality, who can say that we have no great business idea? Dare to venture, dare to act itself is great the


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