What are the four golden rules of choosing the shop

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now, many of the workers have entered the business of the army, want to make their own career, so they have to choose their own shop to make money. So, for the first time entrepreneurs who, in many areas of investment shop are strange, especially the first step is the key choice of shops, today the business network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the shop to make money four golden rules.

How to choose the

1. line into the city

the shop will increase the accumulation of the same target consumer attention, people think to buy a commodity will naturally think of this street, such as Quancheng Road, Furong street. Therefore, the choice of the same kind of clothing in the high visibility of the brand, more concentrated business district, the consumer’s purchase goal is very clear, both to enhance the image of the store, but also help to improve the popularity of the store.

2. make retreat the values

How to choose the

restricted values are affected by various factors, which often form irregular shape, but in theory, the three level structure of the district can use three concentric circles of varying sizes to express. The key is to determine the radius distance of each level. In the residential area of the store, for example, generally 500 meters radius of the main shopping area, radius of 1000 meters for the District, the radius of 1500 meters for the District of the city, the time required for the walk were 8, 15, about 20 minutes. In addition, there are purchasing power from the shopping district, such as the flow of purchasing power, the special relationship between purchasing power, but the proportion is very small.

Of course, the experience is

3. small city open shop, seize the first principle

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