Want to start empty-handed to develop four habits

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can be said that every entrepreneur wants to achieve the start empty-handed dreams of wealth but not every entrepreneur has such perseverance can persist, so entrepreneurs develop four habits, have the opportunity to start the army in talent shows itself in.

1. clear business purpose. What is the purpose of an enterprise? Some people say it is profit. But Peter – (PeterDrucker) said, "the purpose of the enterprise is to develop and maintain customers." All profits are derived from the development and maintenance of a certain number of customers and to provide services.

always considered for customers is the most important habit of business success required training. Entrepreneurs should cultivate the habit of paying attention to customers, should be in the customer’s mood and way of thinking, from the customer’s point of view to think about all the problems. Entrepreneurs should cultivate the habit of customer centered business.

2. keep ideas clear". The most important thing in business success and personal success is "clear thinking". Be clear about who you are, what you are doing and what you are doing or what you are doing. Entrepreneurs should cultivate the habit of thinking carefully about every detail of the business, and then take the time to thoroughly understand several different areas.

3. to establish the perfect image of the enterprise. Imagine, if your business is perfect in every way, what words would you describe it?. What are these words? Do you want to make your customers use what kind of words to describe your potential customers to other enterprises? If you choose some ideal words, then let them speak out from the customer mouth, you will choose what words people? Do you want to make you inside and outside the enterprise in which words to describe you and your business


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