Xining North Branch Bridge ndustrial and Commercial Bureau in Jian Nan Xiang seized a MLM dens

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Qinghai news recently, Xining City North Branch Bridge Industrial and Commercial Bureau in Jian Nan Xiang seized a MLM dens.

received reports: Twenty Li Pu Zhen Tao Jia Zhai Cun a home in the village people to engage in marketing activities in the crowd, law enforcement officers immediately in conjunction with the local police, check the bed. In the two floor houses found a venue, but has fled to officers suspected pyramid. Subsequently, law enforcement officers and according to the clue gave chase to the bridge 10 Jian Nan Xiang Building No. 5 3 unit 262 rooms, rental has more than from Xinjiang, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places to the unemployed. After investigation, the room has a total of 11 people from the field to Xining unemployed. At the same time, seized a large number of notes, notes and other written materials in the field, the records prove that these personnel engaged in marketing activities, the products of the "life luck". Currently, the case is under further investigation. (author: Zhang Hui)


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