Xining air quality in the forefront of the Northwest

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haze days recently enveloped Beijing, North China and other regions. Xining air quality has become the focus of public concern, the reporter interviewed the city environmental protection department.

PM2.5, PM10 is the primary pollutant

January 13th, a reporter from the Xining City air quality real-time release system, the primary pollutant affecting air quality in Xining is PM2.5 and PM10, the PM2.5 concentration of 70 micrograms / cubic meter, the air quality level is two, air quality is good; in January 14th, the primary pollutant is still PM2.5 and PM10, the concentration of PM2.5 118 micrograms / cubic meter, the air quality level is four, the air quality conditions of moderate pollution; in January 15th 14, the monitoring station in Silu hospital, air quality is good, the fifth water monitoring station, air quality is slightly polluted. But the city environmental monitoring station, the provincial pharmaceutical warehouse monitoring stations monitoring data is not optimistic, the air quality status for moderate pollution, four monitoring stations to monitor the air pollutants are PM10.

according to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the environmental monitoring station, nearly a week, the city’s air quality conditions for mild pollution, compared with other five provinces in Northwest China, the city’s air quality in the forefront. The official said, the reason why the air quality in Xining compared with the five provinces in Northwest China, the reason is similar to the geographical environment of the northwest of the five provinces, the objective natural conditions are relatively large sand.

monitoring data show that in 2012, the number of days of good air Xining reached 305 days. Every year in November to the following year in winter heating period in Xining, air quality is low rate of good period. This includes both meteorological reasons, there are reasons for pollution emissions. Industrial emissions, motor vehicle exhaust, two dust, winter heating coal burning emissions of harmful substances are leading to the decline in air quality culprit. In addition, Xining is located in the canyon area, in recent years, less rainfall in winter, the air in the PM10 and PM2.5 can not get dust effect.

precipitation, cold air can improve air quality

PM2.5 is a new monitoring project of the new air quality standards in the implementation of this year, it is compared with the PM10 fine particles of a smaller, one of the only 20 points of the hair, but also because of its small size, rich in a lot of toxic and harmful substances and long residence time in the atmosphere, conveying distance therefore, the impact on human health and environmental quality of the atmosphere more. Environmental experts said, such as the cold air brought wind or precipitation, it is beneficial to the diffusion of PM2.5 and PM10.

with the focus on air pollution, the reporter noted that online sales of the PM2.5 masks, these masks in the end there is no use, environmental protection experts explained that the general low layer mask did not anti PM2.5, the number of high masks due to airtight performance, wear is prone to breathing difficulties. Therefore, when the air quality condition is mild pollution, children, the elderly and infirm;

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