Xining people’s bank plays an active role in the modern economy

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working conference held in February 12th the people’s Bank of Xining Center branch, will strengthen financial regulation and financial services this year, gradually in the reform and development to address the constraints of economic and financial stability and healthy development of our province, some systematic and deep and long-term issues, good financial play a central role in the modern economy.

currently, the province’s economic and financial development in the best period, the positive interaction of economic and financial situation is taking shape. But we must see that the total amount of the province’s financial sector is still small, more prominent structural contradictions in credit, financial institutions and financial products innovation layout can not meet the needs of economic and social development. To this end, the meeting proposed that our province monetary credit work this year will focus on the implementation of prudent monetary policy, strengthen financial regulation, supporting the development of local economy, promoting the construction of new socialist countryside and building a harmonious society, increase underdevelopedareas financial support and to solve the bottleneck problem of the social and economic development as a weak link in the credit key. The credit policy, window guidance and financial situation analysis will be done as a monetary credit "starting point", insisted on the one hand the total credit growth, on the one hand to optimize credit structure; on the one hand the credit support key enterprises and key projects, on the one hand the financial support of small and medium-sized enterprises and vulnerable groups; on the one hand financial reform and development, on the one hand the financial services and innovation; on the one hand the financial support of the new countryside and harmonious society construction, on the one hand financial support for weak links in economic and social development and financial ecological environment construction; on the one hand the benign interaction of economy and finance, on the one hand the coordinated development of finance itself.

meeting the requirements of the people’s Bank at all levels should continue to improve the monetary credit monitoring and analysis system, focusing on the establishment of monitoring indicators of high energy consuming industries, the real estate industry and excess industry; the establishment of circular economy, resource development and other monitoring index system; explore the establishment of agricultural loans statistical indicators and related statistical reports submitted to the system, perfect the four pillars industrial monitoring index system. At the same time, strengthen the implementation of macro-control policies, monitoring analysis and information feedback of performance related financial regulatory policy and the state, strengthen the economic and financial operation of the foresight and ability to grasp, timely coordinate and solve the outstanding problems in economic and financial operation. (author: Lu Hai)


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