Xining industry and Commerce Bureau law enforcement officers off a latex paint production dens

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Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau production market, the business of law enforcement officers in Xining before the north area of Beishan temple at the foot of Tai Zi Cun, a resident room, in one fell swoop Duandiao a large paint dens. Law enforcement officers seized a total of 2 sets of tools, production and sale of counterfeit goods transported by a car, tricycle 2 boilers, 1 Taiwan, mixer 200 sets of fake trademarks and industrial glue 80 barrels, white 44 bags, 900 bags of washing powder, paint bucket, has 2100 barrels Rujiaoqi 214 barrels, the value of 34 thousand and 500 yuan. Worth 100 thousand yuan.

law enforcement officers found in the on-site inspection, the dens and paint processing under the banner of local residents, the rental housing in the latex paint counterfeiting activities. After investigation, the plant did not handle any relevant formalities, no business license. Fake people from outside and local purchase or recycle empty bucket, with ordinary chalk, industrial glue, washing powder and other objects, according to a certain proportion invested in rental hospital the erection of the pot stewed, boiled after poured into the empty barrel with fake trademark, then shipped to the city building materials market sales profit. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


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