Strive to create a new situation of talent service

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In April 8th, the sixteenth meeting of the leading group of the provincial talent work was held in Xining. Provincial Party committee, Minister of the organization, the provincial talent work leading group Hu Changsheng attended and spoke, vice governor, provincial talent work leading group, deputy head of the group chaired by Cheng Lihua.

the meeting pointed out that this is the province of the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in the decisive stage at the beginning of the year, to accelerate the development of Qinghai talents development is a pressing matter of the moment and the long-term needs, to do subtraction, to get rid of institutional barriers on strengthening the protection of personnel incentive add, in promoting the whole society together do multiplication, the reduction of brain drain do division, really put the reform of the personnel system in place, work innovation in place, made combined a set of services for the development of Qinghai "".

the meeting stressed that this year our province to grasp the overall trend, and strive to create a new situation for the development of personnel services; prominent high-end leads, promote high-end innovative talents of thousands of people plan to see the results of focusing on overall planning, air plant; promote mid and primary training overall linkage level; to promote flexible employment for all, All flowers bloom together. Gen success; improving the safeguard mechanism, and actively create a vibrant new talent environment.

informed the meeting of the supplementary adjustment Provincial Personnel units and members of the leading group members, considered and adopted the "Qinghai province" high-end talent people plan "implementation" of the "Qinghai Province personnel work leading group 2016 points" 5 files, listen to the provincial personnel work leading group member unit debriefing.


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