n the evening of 18 Xining will rain

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temperature rise, dry climate, this spring really let Xining people tangled up, when it is raining every person concerned. April 16th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, 18 night the city will have a weak precipitation process.

spring sowing equipment after the drought continued to intensify. In addition, the temperature rise, dry climate, the seasonal flu and throat disease incidence rate increases. A Xining will usher in a spring rain has become the people most concerned about things. According to meteorological information released by the city meteorological station, 17, Xining, the maximum temperature rose to 24 degrees C. 18, the city’s weather changed from cloudy to cloudy, there will be a weak precipitation during the night, the highest temperature during the decline. 19, the city mainly cloudy weather, the highest temperature declined compared with the previous two days, but the minimum temperature continued to rise, the minimum temperature of the city is 6 degrees C. (author: Kim and

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