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first half of the year, in the face of the severe environment, the provincial government Duocuobingju, the employment situation of steady progress, more flowering. For the stability of the second half of this year and the "13th Five-Year" period of employment a good start".

six months, the province’s human resources and social security departments to take effective measures to grasp the employment and entrepreneurship. At the end of June, the province’s urban employment 38 thousand and 700 people, to complete the annual task 64.6%; employment 922 thousand people transfer surplus labor in agricultural and pastoral areas, to complete the annual task of 87.8%; the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.1%, to achieve more than half the time, more than half of the task.

Volkswagen entrepreneurship innovation continued fever

face severe downward pressure on the economy, this year, the province continued to implement the employment priority strategy and a new round of employment and entrepreneurship policy, continue to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. Qinghai Province in 2016 issued a "work plan", "entrepreneurial activities of business incubators in Qinghai province and finds Interim Measures (Trial)", to support the country business incubators and University Business Incubator construction, has built 3 municipal, business incubators, University Business Incubator 3, the province’s 28 business incubator base the incubated enterprises reached 1749, driven by the employment of 15428 people.

at the same time, since May, in the province organized by Qinghai entrepreneurs, help you fly "as the theme of the second session of the entrepreneurship competition and entrepreneurship exhibition, at present, around the landing stage and entrepreneurship exhibition is being implemented.

do a good job in excess capacity enterprise workers resettlement work, our province issued the "opinions" on resolving overcapacity in resettlement work, in conjunction with the relevant departments to carry out the disposal of enterprise workers Mopai work, through the enterprise internal potential and job entrepreneurship, allow internal Tuiyang, public service jobs fallback etc., broaden the staff the placement of the channel, to prevent the occurrence of structural unemployment.

college graduates and other key groups employment steadily

this year, the province’s in-depth implementation of the college students to lead the business plan and employment promotion program, the establishment of college graduates entrepreneurship service green channel for entrepreneurial students to provide one-stop service. Organize various forms of business communication and counseling activities, and constantly improve the level and ability of College students. Hold the enterprise campus recruitment, key projects and key enterprises, private enterprises to recruit college graduates week and recruitment, talent market, the central enterprises for the Tibet Qinghai Xinjiang special recruitment of college graduates and other series of college graduates employment service activities, effectively promote the employment work.

this year, the province has 23 thousand college graduates employment needs. The first half of the province at all levels of the public employment service agencies and personnel held a total of 66 college graduates recruitment field, nearly 1541 enterprises to publish job information 30928, the intention to reach 5547 college graduates, the public employment service agencies to promote the registration of college graduates employment and Entrepreneurship of 1341 people, the employment rate of 78%. As of the end of May;

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