Members of the public have made suggestions to create a city of hot money speculation continued

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Xining evening news began to create a city of gold Ideas Collection Campaign continued fiery, has received various views, suggestions hundreds. At present, this newspaper is still in the city to continue to focus on the collection of hot ideas, welcome the general public to create a national civilized city to contribute a force.

bus should have "personality"

mobile phone tail number 8123 of the people think: the bus is the city of the window, now the bus appearance, not easy to identify people, easy to let the passengers got on the wrong bus, but also makes the whole city a lack of color and vitality.

therefore, it is recommended that each bus line vehicles have different designs, unified planning of body advertising.

let Xining have more natural oxygen bar

mobile phone tail number 8477 of the Citizens Advice: green Qinghai, cool summer. In a city activities, should reduce the propaganda slogan of building body, viaducts, overpasses and other places, increase pashanhu climbing plants planting, make Xining have more natural oxygen bar.

the roadside mahjong stalls closing time

The citizens of

Zhang Ying calls reflected: summer, some of my city alley placed many mahjong stalls, some people not only during the day and night playing mahjong, even at night, although winning money is not much, but still unsightly. Reporters in the street, the antique city people do see some merchants together playing Majiang, "digging", these mahjong stalls placed in front of a shop next to a lot of people watching.

all the people to join hands and into the

public letter from Yan Yonglin think: in addition to media publicity, in the bus, train stations, streets, parks, squares and other places to set up a city propaganda billboards, banners, truly, All the world knows. departments known to every family, cadres and workers to take the lead, as a kind of news of all citizens, together, hand in hand, and strive to be completed in 2014 a city target.


hit the city golden ideas solicitation hotline: 0971, 8230541, 13897286995, 13909716998, SMS platform: 13897454499, 13897460199, 13709725150, can send email to xnwbzds @


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