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clove, clove, clove, clove, clove, Yunnan…… A total of 40 clove varieties of lilac mountain scenic spot is in the large-scale construction, the current total of 54 thousand kinds of specifications clove has been basically completed planting. Next April and May, the public and tourists to enjoy "Xishan Mountain clove with the fragrance" scene.

lilac is a famous ornamental flowers and trees in China, known as "the flower of happiness" and "the flower of harmony". At present, there are more than and 100 varieties of lilacs in our country, which brings together 40. Clove 1985 was identified as the city flower of Xining, because of its high ornamental value, simple cultivation, strong resistance, strong adaptability of Xining city climate characteristics, by the Xining people’s heartfelt love and widely cultivated. Since 28 years, Xining lilac planting volume increased year by year, public green space, road greening, residential areas everywhere, has gradually formed a spectacular Mancheng fragrant lilac.

lilac mountain scenic area is the municipal Party committee and municipal government identified as one of the practical projects this year. In order to better reflect the characteristics of the plateau city plant planting and landscape characteristics, the municipal Party committee and government decided to build a lilac mountain in the scenic area and the surrounding area, the project plans to invest more than 12 million yuan. In the lilac hill region, has planted lilacs, Yunnan Liaodong, Sichuan clove clove, clove, lilac, cloves, clove and other Korean leaflets of 40 varieties, including planting native clove varieties 28, from Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other 12 varieties.

At present the

Plateau Pearl scenic area is the implementation of the transformation, after completing its transformation, according to the characteristics of the Plateau Pearl scenic landscape park, the city will build in mountain area and Plateau Pearl lilac landscape style reflect each other, the construction of garden sculpture park infrastructure, which will be presented to the general public and tourists gorgeous lilac, the most intense clove culture and extremely comfortable recreational environment. (author: small words)

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