North District Youth Activity Center actively cooperate with schools to carry out military training

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in September 3rd to repair a new Xining City District Youth Activity Center ushered in the new semester, the first batch of guests – the mountains and rivers school 120 grade seven freshmen, students will receive a week of military training.

the military training to queue formation training, school education, appropriate to carry out various activities. The main task of military training so that all aspects of the students’ political consciousness, ideals and beliefs, moral character, work style and discipline, military skills, defense concept, physical quality and the ability to live independently will get exercise and improve. Military training for a while, benefit a lifetime". Each student will have to regulate their own as a military standard, conscious of the youth activity center as a barracks, resolutely implement the relevant rules, regulations, in accordance with the regulations and requirements, constrained by iron discipline, face the difficulties, work hard, strengthen self-cultivation, and strive to create a training camp, and camp to pay the same training even more hardships and sweat!


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