Xining third outstanding achievements in technological innovation

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October 19th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions to understand, relates to the technical field of biological pharmacy, garden cultivation, building energy conservation, medical treatment, teaching, energy utilization, agricultural technology promotion of the 95 innovations in Xining city employees of the third outstanding technical innovations on selected on the list.

the results of this declaration is mainly in Xining since 2013, the majority of workers in the masses of scientific and technological research, technological innovation, inventions and other aspects of the outstanding achievements in technological innovation. Since the selection of activities, from the enterprise to the staff reacted strongly, the technological innovation of enterprises and institutions, technical research, technology development, energy conservation, invention and innovation, such as the masses of technological innovation. According to the "outstanding people, focus on innovation, grasp the advanced, pay attention to the principle of effectiveness, recommended after reporting, review, expert review and approval form selection of leading group meeting and media publicity, the city’s 35 employees were commended for excellent technical innovation achievement award.

outstanding achievements in technological innovation in Xining city since the 2011 selection and recognition activities, has been on the list of 91 results. Which won the national excellent technical innovation award 1, won the outstanding achievements of the Qinghai provincial technical innovation award of 13.


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