Xining Legal Aid Center, the first aid lawyers point aid system

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In February 10th, the first instance verdict to apply for legal aid to the city of Xining Legal Aid Center, from the legal aid lawyers in the list of their own choice of a lawyer who specializes in such cases. This is the year of the legal aid center of Xining city’s first point of legal aid system in our province aid, the recipient of their choice of aid lawyers cases.

to further enhance the level of legal aid services in Xining City, improve the quality of handling legal aid, maximize and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the recipient, to ensure that legal aid should aid to make aid and assistance, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice established the legal aid center of Xining city legal aid assistance point system, breaking the unilateral practices in the past by the aid of designated law firms and the lawyer, gives the recipient to choose their own lawyers rights, thus becoming the legal aid institutions in our province the first implementation of legal aid lawyer aid system.

director of Xining Municipal Bureau of justice Dai Yanzhao, some aid system is that the recipient can choose according to their own willingness to trust lawyers to handle legal aid cases. The recipient can access to "aid" law library, the satisfaction of the choice of lawyers for their legal services. At present, the legal aid center of Xining city according to the city law firm lawyers and professional characteristics of each specialty, the municipal law firm 19 of a total of 124 legal aid lawyers, for the recipient access and selection, and the "aid" law library is updated regularly for dynamic management.

according to the provisions of the legal aid at the legal aid center of Xining city aid system, the conflict point of recipient aid lawyers and has hosted the case time; have to accept the other party is appointed as the agent of the other party; served as legal counsel or perennial lawyer; with the other party of relatives and friends or I have a direct interest in the the other; his law firm has been commissioned to accept each other and other special circumstances such as circumstances, the legal aid center work to inform the relevant circumstances and assign other lawyers to provide legal aid.

Dai Yanzhao said that the establishment of the system of legal aid assistance point benefit system, is conducive to attracting talents of Xining lawyers widely, grow the Xining legal aid professional strength, further reflect the service level of professional legal aid, legal aid work to improve transparency, promote the realization of social fairness and justice. (author: Li Yufen)


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