Binhai New Area to create innovative entrepreneurial hot spot

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Tianjin Binhai New Area in the innovation and reform, not only for young entrepreneurs to provide a very good platform for entrepreneurship, but also to promote the economic development of Binhai New area. In 2016 Binhai innovation will continue awesome projects, industrial agglomeration, to create innovative entrepreneurial hot spot.

"13th Five-Year" period, the Binhai New Area will continue to force the investment in fixed assets, livelihood projects, environmental remediation and other aspects of the project, with large project promoting industrial agglomeration, build innovation and entrepreneurship in one of the hot spot. Only this year, the region’s total investment of more than 50 million yuan of key construction projects reached a total of 1338, livelihood projects of the 176. By 2020, the resident population of Binhai New Area will reach 4 million people, accelerate the construction of a new ecological livable city.

"13th Five-Year" period, the new district will put great efforts in the proportion of low efficiency and high energy consumption, affect the safety of the industry continues to decline, to vigorously develop the aerospace, energy saving and environmental protection, bio medicine and other financial services for profit, cultivate new growth points. Among them, innovation will become the new engine for new development, in the "13th Five-Year" period to attract 100 million new people in new business development, the region’s resident population reached 4 million people.

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