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Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report pointed out that we should focus on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote the depth of integration of science and technology and economy, improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the real economy.

innovation is the first power to lead the development, is the springhead of promoting economic and social development, the development of foundation is relatively poor in Qinghai, up from the factor driven to innovation driven is Time will not wait for me.

provincial government attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, in the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, is to promote the formation of innovation around the system, clearly put forward to enhance the innovation ability of science and technology.

innovation driven, the essence is the talent driven. Because it is located in the plateau, in the environment of Qinghai lack of fierce competitive environment and competitive advantages, the total amount of high-level talent is less.

on the one hand to improve their ability to develop talent, on the other hand to take a variety of measures, the introduction of more preferential policies to attract highly educated, high-level talent to come to Qinghai." The National People’s Congress he Feng said, this year, our province will start the implementation of "high-end innovative talents, thousands of people plan to introduce and cultivate a group of innovative team, leader, high-end technical personnel and high-level talents, promote the whole industry innovation and development.

innovation driven development, the key to strengthen the main role of enterprises, in particular, to foster more dependent on innovation driven enterprises. "Qinghai industrial structure adjustment pace is accelerating, but we are also keenly aware of insufficient investment in science and technology to the enterprise innovation ability is not strong and other issues." CPPCC National Committee member Wang Jian said. Fortunately, at present, our province has already started the "two double" project, support enterprises and universities and institutes set up strategic alliances, strengthen the "production of" linkage, focus on the capture of Saline Lake lithium high purification, lithium ion power battery and key materials of industrial upgrading, aluminum magnesium alloy deep processing, thermal energy storage a number of key technologies, and promote innovation clusters.

grasp innovation is to grasp the development, innovation is seeking the future. At present, China’s many industries, especially emerging industries, the key technology to achieve breakthroughs and gradually mature, big data, cloud computing as the representative of new technologies, new products and new business emerging. The National People’s Congress Deng Xiaohui suggested that the nationwide organization expert team of new technology and the popularity of the business team, let these fields networking, cloud computing, big data, intelligent manufacturing as the representative of the use of scientific and technological achievements of social development, the formation of innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples.

innovation driven, deepening reform is to protect. Accelerate the establishment of a sound system of scientific and technological achievements, property rights, income distribution system and the transformation of the system, better reflect the value of knowledge and creativity, escort for innovation and entrepreneurship." A member of the CPPCC National Committee Du Dezhi believes that innovation driven development, to get rid of institutional obstacles that hinder innovation and ideological barriers, let all people think of innovation, to create the opportunity and the stage, let the main types of creative potential, fully stimulate release.

does not innovate to lag behind, innovation is slow to lag behind;

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