mprove the petition work long-term mechanism Xining two courts to build judicial harmony

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Xining city court to establish and improve the handling of complaint letters and visits of the long-term mechanism to reduce disharmony factors, the construction of judicial harmony.Since the beginning of this year, the two levels of courts in the city of Xining have been monitoring and managing the innovation of the trial, and the trial quality and efficiency evaluation system has been established in

. In particular, the trial of civil and commercial cases, to strengthen the mediation, reconciliation work, from the total reduction of the parties appeal, appeal, apply for retrial, apply for enforcement of the ratio, as far as possible to do the case. For some parties (protest) reflect the appeal a case are extended to the court of second instance to the problem, organize city court to carry out a special inspection, found on the transfer of the case, the presiding over the members of the collegial panel, the court clerk, to be informed criticism in the city within the scope of the court; insist on answering questions after judgment and certiorari review case to dismiss the complaint and appeal for retrial notice sign system. To still insist on the appeal and the application for retrial, and combined with the review after hearing by certiorari, think the decision is correct to reject written notice of rejection, the name of department review; strict handling of the case and the registration system of petition cases and reminders. Adhere to the president’s reception and visit system and important letters and visits system. The focus of the case personally presided over by the chairman of the hearing, listen carefully to the dispute between the parties, so that the case of letters and visits involved in litigation to do everything confessed, pieces of a reply. (author: Jia Zhongying)


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