Accelerate the construction of major projects to ensure the successful completion of the objectives

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recently, vice governor Yan Jinhai presided over the province’s major water conservancy projects to promote the construction of a special meeting to promote the construction of the province’s major water conservancy projects and preliminary arrangements, and then implement, and then supervise.

Yan Jinhai stressed that the major water conservancy construction is an important measure of steady growth, promoting development, all localities and departments should plan ahead, as the initiative, in close coordination, solid work, started as soon as possible yindajihuang West trunk, Huangshui north trunk canal two, Nalinggele river water conservancy and other national key water conservancy project, to promote the storage in the the Yellow River river gorge water conservancy, flood control engineering, cited Ji canal Huang water closing provincial key water conservancy project, to ensure that the "13th Five-Year" water conservancy construction to achieve a good start.

Yan Jinhai pointed out that the relevant departments should earnestly strengthen the organization and leadership, refinement, the realization of the annual task, the implementation of responsibility measures to strengthen the follow-up supervision. Preliminary work to keep an eye on realistically project, in strict accordance with the requirements of active nodes, to claim the task, to promote the project approval process. To further accelerate the progress of the construction, timely release of investment plans, seize the golden period of construction, as much as possible the formation of physical quantities. To do a good job in the construction of water conservancy projects, accelerate the consolidation of rural and pastoral areas to enhance the safety of drinking water, irrigation and efficient water-saving irrigation project progress, focusing on solving the problem of drinking water safety in poor areas and poor people. To strengthen service guidance and supervision and inspection, careful deployment of technical strength, and strive to solve the pre work lag, weak technical force and other issues.


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