60 China’s intangible cultural heritage and Japanese stone heritage inheritors to receive training

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is co sponsored by the provincial press and publication department, Qinghai National University China intangible cultural heritage in Zeku and stone heritage training in Qinghai in October 16th in National University official opening. 60 stone artists from Zeku will be trained for one month.

Zeku and Japan because of the magnificent temple stone stone wall has great influence in and outside the province, the process is complicated and distinctive, with high artistic value, was selected in 2008 second batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative List of projects. In recent years, with the increasing of the national intangible cultural heritage work, and on the stone has been considerable development, and formed a day to day and village temple, as the center of research and development, production and sales of stone crafts base, employing up to thousands of people. However, due to the cultural quality of stone carving artists is not high, the lack of basic knowledge of modern art, the current development of stone derived varieties less, the product is not high, the market competitiveness is not strong. To this end, the focus of the training of Tibetan Buddhist sculpture culture, the basic knowledge of modern art, design and development of three pieces of content training.

training class will take classroom teaching, interactive communication, heritage forum, practical operation, observation and inspection, works, etc.. During the study, students will also go to Fujian to study.

Qinghai National University as a training China training plan in population study inheritance intangible cultural heritage institutions, since July 2015 to participate in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance crowd training plan, training nearly 180 students from the province’s five city, three, the school will host the three Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance in training this year.


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