Rural tourism so that people get rid of poverty

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The development of tourism, while the other side of the people, in 2016, Xining tourism will be in the development of rural tourism on the full text of the article, in order to carry out the work of rural poverty alleviation through accurate.In the morning

weekend, a village north of the city zone picking park has ushered in the first wave of guests today, carrying a basket of parents with jubilant children pick strawberries a delicious strawberries, and picking garden boss told reporters: "I have to catch up with the good times. Under the support of the village set up farmhouse, picking garden, agricultural park. Now people rich material life, the fast pace of work, every holiday family love to the suburbs to relax, from the beginning of the Spring Festival we have been free, many guests to book one or two weeks ago, the summer tourist season is hard to find a table, by vigorously developing rural tourism to sail in our days is over the better."

it is understood that the city continue to intensify the cultivation of rural tourism sites and support, 5 years ago, my city rural tourism reception is only 340, an increase of 2015 has increased to 527, which stars rural tourism sites increased from 25 to 75. This year, as one of the key city tourism, the city will develop "2016 of the city’s rural tourism and tourism poverty alleviation action plan", seize new opportunities for the development of integration, give full play to the rural natural resources, protect the ecological environment, highlighting the cultural characteristics of rural tourism, folk custom travel experience, strong development of rural tourism. The project, to support the development of national culture, manual and other services, support the development of rural tourism, to create a number of tourist towns and villages, scientific planning, orderly development, to effectively drive people out of poverty in rich. To adapt to the needs of self driving travel, health tourism, leisure travel and other new forms of tourism development, strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure, improve the tourism service system, a wealth of tourism products, promote brand management, standardized management. Give full play to the comprehensive driving effect of rural tourism, and guide the villagers to develop rural tourism income increase, so that the masses in the vicinity of poverty.


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