Xining heavy pollution weather emergency plan will come into effect next January 1st

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level I warning start, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens closed, stop all types of construction operations

will build a unified management of emergency management system to build heavy pollution weather monitoring and early warning platform

* Xining City dust pollution prevention and management approach introduced next year

Qinghai news December 19th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, Xining City, to effectively deal with heavy pollution weather, establishment of heavy pollution weather emergency mechanism, "Xining heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Trial)" will be implemented in January 1st next year.

"plan" includes eight parts: early warning, emergency response, emergency security. It is suitable for the early warning and emergency response of heavy pollution weather in Xining area, and the key control and prevention area is Xining City, economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Park, three counties and cities.

Xining will set up a monitoring group, pollution control group, health protection group and other groups, strengthen emergency management, all kinds of pollution sources to guide the public to take emergency measures to minimize the impact of heavy pollution weather on public health. At the same time, the establishment of emergency management system of unified management and heavy pollution weather monitoring and warning platform, according to the principle of territorial management, implementation of emergency management system of multi sectoral coordination and orderly and efficient operation, meteorological and environmental protection departments will improve the modernization level of heavy pollution weather monitoring and warning, so advance forecast, timely response.

according to the plan, Xining heavy pollution weather rating is divided into three levels, namely, III, II, I level warning, I was the highest level. Start the class III plan, Emergency Command Office will be in the name of Xining municipal government, through radio, television, network, newspapers, electronic display devices, micro-blog, mobile phone SMS release information to the public, take the initiative to inform the public self protective measures. To remind the children, the elderly and heart disease, lung disease and allergic disease patients should stay indoors, stop outdoor activities, the general population to reduce outdoor sports; remind the (in) colleges, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens reduce and shorten the class-break setting-up exercise and other outdoor activities; stop open landscape lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets and other public shorten large aggregation service places Business Hours etc.. Will be forced to stop all construction, demolition, municipal, roads, water conservancy, greening, telecommunications and other construction site earthwork operations and construction waste removal work; ban yellow car to non Green’s official car all suspended, no standard car, tricycle, agricultural vehicles and the "black smoke" vehicles entering the city.

II warning started, will be based on class III response measures, increase the (in) colleges, schools, kindergartens, stop class-break setting-up exercise PE and other outdoor activities; party and government organs and institutions of official vehicles suspended 30%, a non green official car all suspended ban in the city in fireworks, firecrackers and other measures.


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