Xining city to celebrate the eighteen words of the Minister of propaganda

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In recent years, the city’s propaganda and ideological and cultural fronts, closely linked to the central and provincial and municipal decision to deploy in spirit, responsibility, mission, go all out, forge ahead, internal cohesion and external display image, made a significant contribution to the outstanding propaganda performance for the development of Science in our city. Tide from the sea and sky, sail at that time. Eighteen of the party to be held on the occasion, the publicity departments at all levels of passion in high and vigorous spirits, endeavor; urban county propaganda ministers to fulfill their duties, innovation, strong measures. They agreed to study and publicize the spirit of the party’s eighteen main line, planning arrangements for publicity and ideological work in the future, to create a party of eighteen atmosphere propaganda work to do better. A meeting of the party’s eighteen major publicity boom is set off in the city! (author: Sheng Nan)

An Jianzhong, Deputy Minister of municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

allow spiritual civilization to a new level

in recent years, the construction of spiritual civilization innovation, be enthusiastic and press on the formation of a good situation, vigorous development, in order to consolidate the common ideological foundation, improve the moral quality of the citizens, promote urban and rural civilization, promote cultural development and prosperity has played an important role.

this year, is for a party of eighteen and implement the key period of the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee the party spirit, promote cultural development, promote civilized fashion, to provide ideological guarantee for economic and social development is a very arduous task, we must further enhance the sense of urgency and mission, to maintain a good state of enterprising, down-to-earth work, promote the construction of spiritual civilization to a new level. For a party of eighteen to highlight this important topic, to meet, study, publicize and implement the eighteen work as the primary task of the construction of spiritual civilization, for the party’s eighteen big held to create a high spirited, warm and festive atmosphere of the society. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Li Guoquan

to build the city of happiness and life

to do a good job of the party’s eighteen major propaganda work, for the convening of the eighteen victory to create a good atmosphere for public opinion, is the first political mission of the press and propaganda front and top priority, is the top priority of the current work.

will practice the development of eighteen city propaganda and scientific work closely together, further inspired, inspire, guide people to consciously implement Scientific Outlook on Development, firmly take the socialist road China characteristics. Further deepen the "scientific development, brilliant achievements," the theme of publicity, showing 5 years of brilliant achievements made by the city and the people live and work in peace, harmony and happiness of a better life.

to further enhance political awareness, overall awareness, sense of responsibility, with a high sense of responsibility and sense of mission, carefully planned, carefully planning, scientific planning, continue to carry forward the "go turn change" spirit, temper the turn to go change style, truly eighteen propaganda heat at the grassroots level, thermal masses. (author: Sheng Nan)


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