Promote the work of the province to invest in television and telephone conference stressed the need

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6 30, the provincial government held a teleconference to promote the work of private investment, the province to promote private investment related work to re arrange, re deployment. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Zhang Jianmin attended the meeting and vice governor Yang Fengchun chaired the meeting.

meeting pointed out that private investment is an important component of the whole social investment and promote economic development, adjust the industrial structure, the prosperity of urban and rural markets, expanding social employment an important force. In recent years, the provincial government attaches great importance to continuously improve policies, strengthen the service, the majority of private entrepreneurs for their hard work, the community actively support the province’s non-public economy and private investment development, strong support for the stable and healthy development of the economy and society.

the meeting stressed that the "13th Five-Year" period in our province is the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in stage. All localities and departments should fully understand the significance of promoting private investment and private economic development, further implement the central and provincial government decision to deploy, highlighting the problem oriented, grasp the key links and key areas, continue to encourage, support and guide private investment and private economic development. The firm to promote private investment, private economic development of confidence and determination, handle the relationship between government and market, deepening reform and mobilize private investment enthusiasm, to further improve the policy system, create a good environment, continue to strengthen the service consciousness, the protection of private investment enthusiasm, the release of private investment and private economic activity, for the economic development of our province, comprehensive the construction of a well-off society and make new contributions.


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