Series of activities to promote community corrections

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In order to further promote the work of community correction, community correction personnel to effectively prevent and reduce off pipe, drain pipes and re crimes, even days, East District Bureau of justice jurisdiction of the organization of all community correction personnel to participate in a series of activities, the school education of psychological counseling, to visit the prison, to help the community correction into society as soon as possible. September 12th morning, the reporters came to the service center of East District mental health education at the Convention Center, a vivid and humorous lecture classes have psychological counseling. More than 70 community corrections officers from the district to participate in learning. Reporters saw the hall of psychological counseling class is different from the traditional rational teaching, but through some case, let the students find them in the life of the sources of their emotions, and through the case analysis of the characters in their own shortcomings, so as to ease the mood to work and effect. Shi Liwei, a teacher, said that this kind of psychological counseling can effectively reduce the psychological mood of the correctional staff, and form a long-term psychological service to alleviate the crime rate. The reporter learned from the East District Bureau of justice, for the comprehensive of the community correction personnel helping Chengdong District Justice Bureau has organized community corrections officers to focus on teaching and learning activities, after they will be organized to visit the prison education help from legal education, psychological counseling, set up warning etc..  

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