Xining to the scenic spot of the scenic spot of the Erlang sword

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in September 2nd, Xining to the scenic area of the second line of the sword tourist line opened, which is the first line of the province’s tourism passenger line, visitors to the future of Qinghai Lake tourism can choose to increase traffic access.

it is reported that Xining is 136 km away from Qinghai Lake Erlang scenic area, about 2 hours by car, 30 minutes, most of the entire highway, a highway and national highway. In the past tourists to Qinghai Lake tourism, the general choice of Chartered, self driving, group, etc.. Deputy general manager of Qinghai Lake tourism group company Zhang Haisheng introduced, at present, convenient traffic network to Qinghai Lake scenic highway passenger railway + seamless docking has been initially completed in Xining to the bird island of Qinghai Lake scenic tourist railway opened, the railway transportation to Niaodao scenic tourist has reached thousands of people, the fixed line Tourism passenger line opened, will further facilitate the Qinghai Lake scenic tourist travel to solve the traffic problems, return Qinghai Lake travel of tourists, can greatly alleviate the pressure on the reception of Qinghai Lake scenic tourist season.

the reporter saw standing in Xining Bayi Road car, on the line from Xining to Qinghai Lake tourism passenger line 9 passenger cars are high level bus configuration, the car is equipped with GPS monitoring platform to strengthen the dynamic supervision, to ensure the return vehicle one-stop arrival and safety. At present, this line of directional tourism passenger daily from Bayi Road bus station originating from eight, from Qinghai Lake, a passenger station. At the same time, every day there is a small passenger train station from Qinghai Lake, the first passenger train.




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