Xining test scores reflect fair and equitable results announced in July 5th

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the morning of June 25th, the Education Bureau of Xining City, Xining City, Xining city Zhaoban Jiaoke organized some of the candidates parents and candidates into the senior high school entrance examination scoring points in Qinghai on behalf of Huangchuan middle school, visit the online marking. After the visit to understand the online scoring, parents praised the online scoring objective, fair and impartial.

it is understood that the online marking is to answer the candidates to scan the card to the system server, the system server to complete the selection of questions (objective questions) automatic scoring. After the scan is complete, marking the teacher according to the system of unauthorized access to network system, and in their computer independent non choice review candidates complete (subjective questions) answer. Each teacher can only see the answer content of their review, not to see the candidates’ information and other teachers on the score of the subject, to ensure the fairness of the score. Non choice after the completion of the automatic marking, board points, points, marking the statistical network management system, the possible error of manual operation is avoided, to ensure the accuracy of the examinee score statistics. All subjects completed the marking, marking the network system will carry out statistical analysis of the scores in accordance with the registration number of each of the candidates, the senior high school entrance examination total score of each candidate generation.

senior high school entrance examination after the end of the marking, July 5th graduated from junior high school candidates to receive notice of examination results, can also be queried by telephone hotline 16880035. July 5th – the 10 day of voluntary reporting, early August scores delineated. (author: Zhao Jing)

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