Xi’an will relax the policy of College Students Entrepreneurship

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countries encourage college students to start a business. The difficult employment of college students in recent years has become a serious social problem, the state hopes to promote their own employment through college students to start their own businesses, and to inject fresh blood to existing businesses.

"entrepreneurial students household range from Xi’an city temporarily expanded to the province, outside the Provincial College Students’ entrepreneurial projects, audited moderate lending." Xi’an to support the work of College Students’ self financing loans coordination office, a person in charge of such a new policy introduced.

actively promote

"entrepreneurship is an effective channel for college students in employment, but the business process is difficult." The responsible person. According to statistics, the employment of college graduates are very few, accounting for only 1.2% of employment.

"due to the lack of collateral items, especially in the environment of the global financial crisis, banks generally strengthened the financial risk prevention measures, which increased the financing difficulty in the process of entrepreneurship." The reason why the person in charge of the above explained the reasons for college students venture capital.

and Xi’an in the past few years has been actively promoting the entrepreneurship of College students.

"after preparation, Xi’an city set up a fund to support entrepreneurial college students 50 million yuan, and led by the municipal finance office, the Municipal Finance Bureau, Xi’an City Commercial Bank and Xi’an City Economic and technological investment Company limited by guarantee and other departments jointly formulated the" Xi’an "

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