Xining Local Tax nspection Bureau innovative ideas to strengthen their own construction

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Xining City Local Tax Inspection Bureau in the tax inspection work, to standardize law enforcement as the key to improve the quality of tax inspection for the purpose, through standardized business processes, innovative ideas, constantly improve the self construction, do do strong inspection, inspection.

one is to change the idea from the concept of tax cadres and taxpayers in the face of equality before the law, to establish a sense of service for taxpayers, so that the first person is the first, respect for the legitimate rights and interests of taxpayers.

two is in strict accordance with the tax inspection procedures, strict implementation of the tax inspection access system, three days in advance to the enterprise issued a "tax inspection notice", at the same time the inspectors produce tax inspection certificates, clear their rights and obligations, a clear relationship between tax authorities and taxpayers is not only the management and management, but on the basis of law equality.

three is the inspection process, in strict accordance with the tax inspection procedures for the implementation of inspection, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the collection and management law, adhere to the principles of openness, fairness and justice, strict compliance with the statutory procedures.

four is reflected in the law enforcement services. Tax audit in the past is to check, check on the penalty, the penalty is gone. Inspectors from the local tax inspection bureau just as inspection Zhabu tax revenue, combating tax violations, but also as a process of the publicity of the tax law, the tax inspection "proposal" the problems of feedback to the taxpayer, the law enforcement in a service, in strict law enforcement services, embodied in the law enforcement service.

five is to do a good job of tax inspection and tax management convergence, give full play to the role of tax inspectors. The use of "inspection inspection feedback tax proposal", the checked enterprise problems feedback to the competent tax authorities, through the daily management of the tax authorities in charge of the daily supervision of the checked enterprise problems, to further deepen the tax inspection work.

six is to strengthen supervision. Strengthening the construction of clean government is the basis of tax work. City Tax Inspection Bureau in strengthening the integrity of education at the same time, according to the "honest return visit work system", earnestly perform their duties, to ensure the smooth development of the audit work.


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