Qinghai tourism into full season mode

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during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday this year, our province tourists continue to expand the scale of tourism market growth significantly, June 9th to 11, the province’s total of 1 million 308 thousand domestic and foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 596 million yuan, Qinghai tourism entered the season mode.

Dragon Boat Festival holiday period, the state of the city, the scenic tourist scale than in the past have varying degrees of improvement. Xining City, 222 thousand and 200 tourists trips, tourism revenue 9 million 908 thousand and 600 yuan; Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of 79 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 24 million 985 thousand yuan; the Qinghai Lake area of 26 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 3 million 66 thousand and 500 yuan; Kumbum Monastery 29 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 6 million 123 thousand and 800 yuan; Xining City People’s Park tourists 95 thousand passengers. The main tourist attractions in the province, tourism revenue than last year, a substantial increase.

In June 1st

held the opening ceremony of the "upgrade" tea card by Saline Lake scenic tourists outside the province. The morning of June 10th, the Qinghai Tibet railway company officially opened the line from Xining to tea card "sky exit number tourist train, and plan according to the actual province tourism peak season, from June to August for CDB Xining tea cards to the tourist train. During the Dragon Boat Festival, tea card Saline Lake tourists 20 thousand and 500 passengers, tourism revenue of $1 million 199 thousand and 212.

It is reported that

, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday to grasp the favorable opportunity, to enhance the scale and level of service of the tourism market in the province, the province’s tourism joint meeting of members of the unit attaches great importance, make careful arrangements, in place of the measures, to ensure the effectiveness of holiday tourism, real harvest.

through the past few years of strong publicity and promotion, the great beauty of Qinghai, the tourism image of the brand has been deep in the hearts of tourists, three days of small holiday attracted many tourists, driving into a beautiful landscape.


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