The province’s major projects of agriculture and animal husbandry reserves have been 139 projects

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The day before, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, since 2008 the central government to expand domestic demand, the Department is actively planning the reserve of agriculture and animal husbandry, planting and breeding in the breeding, animal and plant protection, agricultural products quality inspection, fire prevention, grassland ecological protection and construction, development and other aspects of the Tibetan Grassland planning a large number of long-term projects and in the year.

in recent years, the Provincial Animal Husbandry Department of Qinghai province has developed two levels of rural agricultural social service system construction planning, ecological animal husbandry in Qinghai Province, the planning and construction of characteristic agricultural products in Qinghai province regional planning 14 special planning, combined with the establishment of "13th Five-Year" plan, and drafted the overall planning of a farm in 7, the planning and construction of 16 special development plan, the planning has become the guiding document for the province’s agricultural industry construction project.

12th Five-Year, the office of the total reserves of various types of agricultural and animal husbandry projects 329 projects have been approved by the current 139. Among them, planting and aquaculture breeding project reporting a total of 134 to the Ministry of agriculture, currently has 48 projects; animal and plant protection project reporting a total 75 to agriculture, currently has 20 projects; grassland fire prevention project reserves 36, currently has 18 projects; agricultural products quality inspection project reserves of 48, currently has 26 projects; the grassland ecology project reserves 36. Has been submitted to the provincial development and Reform Commission, plans to start construction.

it is understood that in the "13th Five-Year" on the planning of the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry annual improvement of agriculture and animal husbandry project library. In 2015, the construction and the proposed project of planting and breeding breeding projects, agricultural and livestock products base construction, agricultural product quality safety system construction, ecological protection and other 8 categories of 51 projects with a total investment of 1 billion 630 million 280 thousand yuan. In 2016 the proposed project mainly around the Ministry of agriculture proposed high standard farmland construction, agricultural law enforcement supervision and other capacity-building projects, supplemented by a reserve of 37 projects with a total investment of 3 billion 103 million 720 thousand yuan. 2017 the proposed project reserves of 36 projects with a total investment of 3 billion 362 million 10 thousand yuan. According to the project of "13th Five-Year" in long-term planning of agriculture and animal husbandry, the reserves of ten projects 56 projects, a total investment of 73 billion 245 million 770 thousand yuan.


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