Xining industrial and commercial systems continue to increase the intensity of trademark infringemen

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recently, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial systems continue to increase efforts to investigate the case for trademark infringement, trademark infringement cases investigated 5 cases, involving up to 5.4 yuan.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau taking Guangzhou office according to the report, May 22nd to inspect is located in Xining Road No. 12, East District Mutual Nanjing Road Qinghai Economic Development Zone No. 13 "Qinghai Sanjiang snow food and Beverage Co. Ltd." and "Xining Huaxin Food Co. Ltd. warehouse. The scene seized the allegedly infringing beverage 1450 (every 12 bottles), worth 25 thousand yuan. The batch of drinks by the Beijing United Nations Intellectual Property Rights investigation center staff initially identified, its packaging and Coca-Cola (China) company’s production of similar products.

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry in the north of the city in May 14th in the town of nine homes in the village of No. 2, No. 2 hospital destroyed a low-grade beer filled with high-grade beer production dens 91. Seized on the spot filled "pure ice Carlsberg" catch 480 bottles of beer bottles, "Budweiser" catch 48 bottles of beer bottles for filling the "Wu Quan 08" 81 bottles of beer, "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" and "HeineKen" brand of beer bottle 9744, box 406 the bottle cap, more than 10000. At the same time seized counterfeiting tools capping machine 1, 1 heating tank, gas tank, gas stove 1, worth more than 1.5 yuan.

Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau branch of the city law enforcement officers in May 15th were the focus of inspection on the area of 71 Road, Shi Po Street, street view door and other establishments, the inspection found suspected of selling counterfeit behavior 2, detained suspected counterfeit "Moutai" 7 bottles of wine, "blue classic" the Yanghe River 8 bottles of wine, worth 4 thousand yuan.

Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau East Branch of law enforcement officers in May 19th market inspections found a truck loaded with corn products, not Chinese printing marks after verification, the outflow of goods from huzhulu meat in cold storage, according to the clues for the inspection of meat processing according to Law No. 12 cold storage warehouse, seized the site for sale is not printed Chinese logo corn products 204 (each 45), worth nearly 1 yuan.


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