175 million large areas of the city to do practical things

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In order to solve the problem of the interests of the people most concerned about, the most direct and realistic as the starting point, in 2013 the city district plans to invest 175 million yuan to implement agriculture, education, housing and other 12 areas of 36 practical projects.

agricultural facilities plans to invest 4 million 700 thousand yuan, the implementation of the total, Nan Cun Du Jia Zhuang Cun of water-saving irrigation engineering and rural funded regulatory information platform construction. Education program investment 60 million 90 thousand yuan, the implementation of standardized school building and sunshine elementary school No. 2 comprehensive teaching building new projects. Housing security plans to invest 54 million 670 thousand yuan, to promote the construction of rural housing projects in the reward of the 204, the public housing projects and the establishment of a set of 72 sets of public rental housing projects for teachers of the public housing projects in rural areas of the province’s 260. Environmental sanitation remediation plans to invest 14 million 940 thousand yuan to carry out the coal to gas project, sanitation facilities, the comprehensive improvement of rural environment and other projects. Community service facilities construction plans to invest 14 million 780 thousand yuan, the completion of the 2 community service centers and the expansion of wells Lane community. Health plans to invest 3 million 750 thousand yuan for the region over the age of 65 for free physical examination, and the construction of CDC laboratory building. Landscaping plans to invest 3 million yuan, the implementation of Nanshan Road landscape improvement project, improve the Waterfront Road, such as supporting the construction of public facilities in the 10 green.  

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