Mass entrepreneurship innovation initiatives in our province to support small and micro enterprise i

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In order to promote the policy, play the guiding role of financial capital, since last year, the Provincial Department of finance through the increase of entrepreneurship and innovation base, the public record space, Small and micro businesses public service platform support, promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development and build a solid foundation.

in addition, continue to support Small and micro businesses to encourage innovation, Small and micro businesses for inventions and technological innovation of the new year, authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office patents awarded patent: 50 thousand yuan per piece reward; the utility model patent every 10 thousand yuan reward; for years was more than 30 patent applications or invention patent applications in more than 10 pieces of Small and micro businesses, to give 100 thousand yuan reward. Assigned to Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base, public record, space science and technology incubator, micro enterprise incubator, Small and micro businesses and the normal operation of the tax law, the settled within three years after the business premises rent subsidies: according to the total cost, settled in the first year of subsidy of not more than 80% years; second subsidy is not settled more than 60% years; in third subsidy of not more than 40%.  

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