Huangzhong community concerned about the livelihood of the people to win the hearts of the people

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they are busy dealing with neighborhood disputes today, tomorrow will be sent to the poor families of rice, flour, oil, the day after tomorrow…… They are always busy, they are the people in the area of silence dedication to work, in the ordinary work for the masses to solve problems, they are the people closest to the hearts of the people.

June 25th, passionate music sounded in the Huangzhong County rouchard town culture square, jointly organized by the Huangzhong County propaganda department, County Civil Affairs Bureau, rouchard town government of the evening star civilization community award Huangzhong special grand opening, wonderful performances show the community good spirit, thousands of residents of both the audience and the. See each community image display, for their favorite community vote on a ballot.

to build a modern new community

community harmony is the foundation of social harmony. In recent years Huangzhong county government for communities, poor working conditions, less staff, less funding office, strengthen community infrastructure and office funding, improve community facilities, to create a modern new community management and orderly, perfect service, beautiful environment, good security, convenient living, harmonious interpersonal relationship. In the effort of government departments to build peace, Lianhu 7 community re employment service centers and office buildings, 5 sets of the community with 30 computer stations, audio-visual equipment, to create a good environment for community service and office staff. The establishment of grid management mode, the implementation of community party branch members, community neighborhood committee members to each grid in the grid, the contractor responsible for civil affairs, health, employment, social security, construction, comprehensive management work, improve the management level of community service.

civilization project to promote community harmony

if the community is the most basic unit of urban management, then each of the residents of the community is a unit of the basic unit. Huangzhong County communities to carry out the "five good civilized family", "civilized hospital building", "good woman", "good daughter-in-law" appraisal activities as activities to build spiritual civilization carrier, through the most basic perspective to explore the selection of those active in the side of a fresh, full of life, for the family to the character in the quiet dedication of ordinary people, in order to promote community residents improve the social morality consciousness and civilization consciousness, to guide the community residents to establish a "civilized community each a small step, a big step forward" consciousness, let the moral wind penetrate into every corner of the community. To create a beautiful home, community residents and regular cleaning, implement "in front of three", Luandaluanjian, chaos warn point phenomenon has been curbed, creating a warm, clean, neat and comfortable living environment for residents. Now the community corridor light, clean, green courtyard environment, fresh air, beautiful community residents, significantly improve the quality of life of residents, improve the awareness of civilization, start from the self, from the daily work, study and life bagatelle, speak civilization, civilization, civilized people become.

solid style win popularity


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