Huangzhong efforts to enhance cultural soft power

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to promote comprehensive competitive strength, the county this year, Huangzhong County efforts to promote cultural prosperity and development, to enhance the cultural strength of the county, to make the basic cultural rights and interests are better protected, social and cultural life more rich and colorful, the spirit of people more high spirited.

it is understood that this year, the county to promote the construction of civilized Huangzhong, enhance the overall quality of the whole people, the whole society to form a positive spirit of pursuit and a healthy and civilized way of life. At the same time, increase the development of cultural resources, vigorously develop the cultural industry. Focus on building the "eight petal lotus" cultural tourism industry park, the depth of mining folk culture, farming culture, folk art, Huangzhong local cultural resources, and actively implement the Performing Arts Center, art village, folk village construction projects, built of folk arts and crafts exhibition center, to enhance the cultural tourism industry park of radiation and attraction to one of the province’s key. The cultural tourism industry demonstration zone. The development of cultural industry and increasing the income of farmers by combining around the development of cultural tourism commodities eight Lotus ", actively foster leading cultural enterprises, accelerate the labor-intensive industry with handicraft processing oriented development of thousands of households can participate in, to further increase the cultural talent education and training, and constantly improve the cultural industry scale, intensive, the professional level, to accelerate the effective transfer of farmers to the development of the cultural industry, promote the increase of farmers’ income. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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