To make money – ring edge Rice noodles

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rice snacks to join the project selection, has been very popular choice. Rice flour is a specialty of the south, but also the best choice for small business. Nameless edge rice noodles? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship. Joined the nameless edge rice project, is the right choice!

Bay rice noodle shop, the overall income is usually good. To 5 yuan a bowl of rice, for example, the cost will not exceed $3.

assumes that the business area of 30 square meters, business investment 30 thousand yuan, the average daily traffic of 200 passengers, 30 thousand yuan monthly operating income, net shop rent, tax, labor, raw material costs and other expenses, net profit of about 10 thousand yuan, about three months to return to the. If the geographical location (such as in the business district or office area), the time will be shorter.

for the area, bigger chain stores, the initial investment in about 10 to 400 thousand yuan, if operating properly, only Rice noodles can reach 4 of monthly income to 100 thousand yuan, plus other items (food and beverage pot, dessert) operating income, not three months back this is to profit. Bay rice shop

it is reported that individual industrial and commercial business license can be applied to the corresponding area of the industrial and commercial administration, the submission of materials, including housing lease contracts, fire approvals, environmental approvals, health permits and personal valid identity documents.

joined the nameless edge rice? Simple way to join the choice, the best choice for successful business. If you join the nameless edge rice project, is also a very exciting. Why hesitate? Hurry up!

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