Lottery sales trouble

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in a variety of business skills, sales can be said to be a very high reputation of a marketing approach, but also by the trust of many brands. In short, many of the goods in order to open a good market in order to sell a lot of prizes for the first, especially the liquor series, and some can be directly discounted, and some reward small bottles of wine.

prize sales can bring new products to the market, so that the old commodity sales momentum continues to rise. However, there are many varieties of sales of goods, after-sales service is also easy to confuse. This is not, I met a discomfort because awarding.

is the customer into the store in the evening, holding a box lid, he said to me: "boss, this seems to be a prize." I have the impression that I bought the wine the day before. "Winning, good luck, oh, give me a look." Took the lid handed over to customers, I saw a box price of 48 yuan of high-grade Anhui wine, which reads "500ml against the lid of a bottle of wine.".

I wonder: when the wine dealers left 125ml and 250ml two for awarding a small bottle of wine, did not tell me this award, and I have yet to encounter against the awarding of such awards. I asked my question to the customer, the customer is a little unhappy: "this is not written is 500ml pulp wine? Is not a bottle of this product? Can’t I fake it?." I patiently explained to her that it was 500ml ‘s original wine, but not this one, because it was not a puree. I also asked her to wait a moment, I immediately contact the dealer to ask the situation.

is looking for a dealer phone when the customer is a bit impatient: if you do not want to even if the money, I do not care about this bottle of wine, I have something to do." "Otherwise, I will give you a satisfactory answer." In any case, the customer is really in the store consumption of wine, give a reasonable explanation for granted. "I’ll come back tomorrow." After listening to the customer picked up the lid and went out.

that night I contacted the dealer to find out, because the 500ml is a naked bottle of wine, in the course of transportation a little damaged, they did not give us, did not tell me that there are such awards. The second day I let husband go to a dealer to buy a bottle, but the customer over several days Duijiang, leaving very disdain: "cut this wine."

this is the end of the matter, but the customer has never appeared in the store.

originally, there is a prize sales in order to drive consumer spending, but because dealers do not inform their own and not pay attention to lead to customer dissatisfaction, I think this is what we do not want to encounter.

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