Chengdu create entrepreneurial Tianfu attract foreign enterprises to settle down

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Chengdu Chengdu has always been known as "the land of abundance", now Chengdu proposed to build a new "venture Tianfu" plan, to attract more foreign entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises to the development of Chengdu.

from guanggansiling had, until now, slowly on the right track. In the past year, after 85 Henan guy Zhang but a lot of emotion. Last year, the company’s turnover reached 400 thousand yuan, so that just graduated a few years, Rong Piao entrepreneurs in Chengdu found a home feeling. In fact, there are more foreign entrepreneurs like Zhang Ran are constantly gathering in Chengdu.

from "guanggansiling" to "venture star"

two "Chengdu drift" of college students entrepreneurship course

after the fall of the city, has a morning. Chenghua District Longtan headquarters city college students entrepreneurial park exudes vitality. Into the park, a 5 storey building in front of the wall, passion ignited dream, entrepreneurship change life, the characters in the sun, especially dazzling.

80 square meters of office, a few large desk neatly placed more than and 10 computers. The table on the blackboard clearly marked the recent planning of customer visits. In the corner, on the three sofa also piled up the quilt, the military coat. This is the Chengdu bingo Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bingo) office area.

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