Freshman hung up 6 courses to start the company earned 20 million

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Bill Gates was once dropped out of Harvard, poor students, followed by entrepreneurial start-up Microsoft. This is an example for many entrepreneurs to encourage. In Zhejiang, China has such a poor student, he hung 6 courses a semester, but founded the annual turnover of 20 million of the company.

"next September, I will fly to England to read master. After reading it, I’d like to apply for a PhD from Harvard and Cambridge." Yesterday, in a small cafe in Zhejiang Wanli University, the 21 year old Li Guanwen, said the future of the future, it seems calm and firm.

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"I do not count what elite, before it really is mixed over." Li Guanwen smiled shyly, pushing the black rimmed glasses with his fingers.

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however, there is also a harvest. He found that in a square, Town God’s Temple, Ningbo’s most prosperous business district, many stores are not POP posters. In fact, this market is very large, but there is little training in this area."

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