Sixteen ways to improve the whole of restaurants – gross profit

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restaurant can not get a good profit is the key to see whether the net profit is high, that is, we often say that the gross margin, the following is to introduce several ways to improve the operating margin of food and beverage. We shop for reference only. Specifically the following.

1. boost sales by

margin = (Sales – cost) divided by sales, so the increase in sales can be the easiest to increase the gross profit.

2. control material storage

raw material storage is appropriate, determine the amount of material, determine the amount of material, resulting in the total cost of business.

volume control


The amount of

plan affects the inventory, the plan is large, and the actual demand is less, resulting in an increase in the amount of surplus materials, resulting in abnormal loss of material, resulting in gross profit decline.

4. product ingredient control

adjust the proportion of vegetables and vegetables in different seasons according to different seasons. Such as: winter, spinach, high prices and low rate of production, if you continue to use this kind of vegetables as ingredients, the gross profit margin is tight. However, the heart of cattle, 2.4 yuan per kilogram of raw materials in winter, and the high rate of production, if the replacement of spinach spinach into the vegetables, the total cost of materials decreased, gross margin increased.

5. acceptance control

is the source of raw materials to control the acceptance of raw materials, fresh raw materials, high yield, and good texture, raw materials due to the amount of unqualified discarded. The utilization rate is improved, and the waste of raw material is reduced.

6. initial machining control specification method

with fresh ingredients, to maximize the transformation of raw materials into semi-finished products, such as bacteria rod part of letinous edodes can be used, but the primary processing will be part of the letinous edodes bar were discarded, greatly reduce waste of raw materials, raw material utilization rate, resulting in increased demand for raw materials, lower gross profit.

7. product production control: heating time processing method

three examples:

(1) 10KG niuxin dishes right boiled water for 15 seconds, niuxin food yield is 74%. But in the blanch in boiling water for 1 minutes, niuxin food texture and color changed, can not be used, the success rate of less than 30%.

(2) 5KG pig pork pieces about 15 grams each. In the barrel into the cold water to open fire cooking. Stamped cooking, boiling 45>

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