Analysis Nanjing property market and high fever

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house is a major event in life, rising prices, so many people want to buy a house is very hard to force, high prices should have been unable to start, but still a lot of string of buyers. September 19th, the Nanjing property market was born two records: 103 thousand sets! This is the end of the year as of 17 this year, the volume of new homes in Nanjing, for the same period in history, from the last year of the first set of only one step away; the first piece of the "105 thousand""! Jiangning is a land in the 182 round after the auction was halted, the need to wait until September 23rd to decide the ownership of the wave number, and the land will be built commercial housing Xianfang sales.

The reporter found

research, as one of the typical case of a second tier property market, Nanjing property market volume and price, is the result of land finance, regulatory policy, land supply, real estate developers, including more and more investment, the purchase of common game.

investment soared

if the removal of Liuhe, Lishui, Gaochun and other three suburbs, the average price of housing prices up to 28208.2 yuan / square meter

after the Spring Festival this year, hard to find a room has been shrouded in the haze of the Nanjing property market, grab the real drama turns staged in various local market size.

4 month, opening Yanlord Jiangwan City, 1500 groups of customers from more than ten million yuan, the average price of 90 sets of luxury flats in 2 hours and 45 minutes were robbed of light;

6 months, Huarun opened the international community, 2657 groups of customers from, just 1.5 hours, 252 sets of houses robbed;

9 month 14 days, the Rong Li opened, 266 sets of houses, as many as 1307 groups of customers from the panic buying;


too many investment passengers." Jiangbei District, a real estate marketing staff told reporters that in their real estate home crowd, investment accounted for more than 60% of the passengers. Some people even buy hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, around where there is room for sale.

in a real estate registration office, the reporter met from Beijing (real estate) mr.. He has 2 sets of housing in Beijing, Beijing restriction does not buy, then transferred to Nanjing." Come there with his 5 friends, they in the months before the Nanjing Jinyu Zijin palace and Luneng mansion has voted five six million yuan to buy a house. In their view, Nanjing was positioned as a large city, the future will have no small room for price increases.

in fact, Nanjing house prices have been rising for 17 months, has not recommended

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