Chain store manager should have what capacity

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open a restaurant chain, the manager’s ability is very important, sometimes, the manager’s ability to determine the success or failure of the restaurant chain, can not be ignored. So, food chain store manager should have what ability? Let’s take a look.

1, the ability to guide

2, educational capacity

3, data computing power

4, target achievement ability

refers to in order to achieve the goal, but must have the ability of organization and cohesion, and grasp the ability of employees.

5, good judgment

6, the ability of professional knowledge

7, the operating capacity of the store

refers to the necessary business shop business management skills.

8, manager and time capability

9, the ability to improve service quality

to make service more reasonable, so that customers have a sense of intimacy, convenience, trust and comfort.

10, self training ability

to keep up with the times to improve yourself, happy growth together with the company.


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