Dishwasher rely on their own strength to counter attack to become millionaires

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in order to live many people to abandon the original dream, in a corner of social struggle, and a woman to wash the fate, through their own efforts and struggle to reverse their own destiny, finally got back.

was unprepared for her "Mongolia", it becomes empty life. And after she lost her job soon, her husband was laid off, the family did not have the economic source, and the child is still in school, in order to live, how to do?.

a year when the front office manager

"to wash the dishes here." On the morning of the first day of work, the chef, Kimda Miro, gave her a job in japanese.

by this thing, she was fully aware of in this environment do not understand Japanese will not work, in the afternoon, she learned a simple Japanese "work, you take care."

when work day, when she was in Japanese with the chef this blunt long goodbye, the chef is very surprised, then we are very pleased to have the same blunt language to tell her, "you are a very hard Chinese, there must be the development of recommendation

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