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you must have eaten a barbecue, but have you ever had a barbecue? With the characteristics of delicious food, always has a business opportunity, with the strength of choice. Small business choose to join the project to open a Kim Hanson barbecue, barbecue own Kim Hanson stores, market opportunities earned stop!

Kim Hanson barbecue investment money?

Kim Hanson has a strong barbecue catering management team, for our customers to create a very European leisure culture catering mode. Over the years, on the basis of pure European style Kim Hanson, devoted to the brand management, upgrading, barbecue products, package material research and development, technology innovation, and the existing more than 10 stores of effort and dedication to the vast number of consumers of pure German beer and Hansen new bbq. Kim Hanson barbecue beer culture pure European integration of the world environment, rich products, live band and high quality service, create value for customers feel Kim Hanson brought European beer leisure food culture,

Hansen beer brewing by German beer production of traditional Hansen manor, strictly abide by the German brewing method, saccharification with malt, without the use of accessories, do not add any additives, the temperature saccharification leaching saccharification fermentation using traditional method; the latest German purebred yeast, Hansen brewed beer after the launch, after tasting beer lovers think absolutely different from the market of beer, it inherited the traditional German beer flavor in beer is noble, the XO. beer Hansen fresh beer is rich in more than seventeen kinds of amino acids, of which the body must amino acid: eight is indispensable to human body and the human body can not be synthesized, but also contains more than eight kinds of vitamin B1B2B3B5B6B11VC in particular, vitamin B is seldom found in other food. Hansen fresh beer with light color, black, wheat beer three. The characteristics of Hansen’s ale: bodied yellowish green, Micro Foam white and delicate, lasting care, refreshing fragrance. Hansen fresh beer using wheat malt brewing, its characteristics are: unique color, rich foam, sweet wine, a drink. Hansen black beer is characterized by: the color is dark brown, -bodied wine, coke rich, pleasant taste.

in the South American barbecue barbecue Kim Hanson Brazil barbecue, Argentina barbecue, barbecue barbecue Chile and other South American countries in general, BBQ, sorting by bovine and porcine upper parts of meat, to the unique secret material package, after the fire roasted, tastes tender and delicious, unique flavor.

has long been a barbecue to join the project, has been very business opportunities, with a unique choice. Small business to choose Kim Hanson barbecue? Successful entrepreneurship is the right choice!

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