Seize the customer psychology of whole may from pet phrase

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a lot of people will have a mantra, the owner in the process of communicating with customers will naturally involve a mantra. In short, in the daily operation of contact with customers, we often hear customers a variety of phrases, such as "others say", "I think", and so on. Faced with these languages, some shopkeepers do not care.

however, in my opinion, to some extent, can reflect a person’s psychological activities. If you can understand the different customers from different phrases or insight into their different psychology, according to the recommendation of goods, often allows customers to accept, thus contributing to business.

a few days ago, a female customer wants to buy a set of cosmetics from my store, I recommend to her a new product recently purchased. In the conversation, I found that she was very satisfied with the price, but has been in a very gentle tone to repeat a word: "OK?" At first glance, this sentence seems to be on the quality of goods is not assured, but I carey analyzed, I think the easy-going customer is just a lack of confidence in their own.

so I don’t have to talk about how to perfect the quality of the goods, but she said: "you see is a grade, strong minded people, usually must pay great attention to skin care cosmetics, to the knowledge understanding. This product is just listed, moisturizing effect is very good, very suitable for you such a neutral skin, and the price is not expensive." After listening to my words, the female customer immediately felt a sense of confidence, very readily bought this cosmetics. Later, she also introduced a friend to buy a set of the same product.

some customers like to say "almost", "no", "casual" and other phrases. Such customers generally shopping goals are not clear, not too assertive. Treatment of such customers, we must be sure that their vision and taste, so that customers feel that their products are suitable for their own. Like to say "heard", "others say", "maybe" and other phrases of the customer, is often a lack of confidence, then let him firmly believe that their choice is correct, and thus the purchase of goods.

will be really fun, really interesting as a mantra of the customer is more curious. At this time must seize their curiosity, so that they have a strong interest in commodities. In this way, they will naturally take the initiative. There are some customers like to say "no problem", "I think", "I think", such people tend to be confident in their choice. At this time, the best business to do is listen patiently.

a lot of shopkeepers will simply attach importance to the phrase, however, if you can pay enough attention to this aspect, it may be of considerable help to the development of business oh. So, do not just look at a small phrase phrase, customers do not buy goods, may be expressed in this mantra. If you are careful enough

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