Eastern energy to start the two venture education activities

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innovation and entrepreneurship want to perform better, entrepreneurship education can not be ignored, do a good job of entrepreneurship education, innovation and entrepreneurship to enter a new impetus. Therefore, the Eastern energy to start the two venture situation task education activities.

In order to strengthen the cultivation of

rich carrier, highlighting the focus of education. The activities include four aspects: one is the content of education, study and implement the national power investment in 2016 work conference, the implementation of the Party group deployment; two is to seriously implement the spirit of the company "NPC and CPPCC", to ensure the completion of the annual task; three is to carry out "and culture" and "can · source of the cultural concept of publicity and education, strengthen the full responsibility with a sense of play.

around "two business" theme to carry out extensive writing, answer, speech, staff interviews, discussion, and rational proposals for labor competition activities; increase the intensity of news reports, the company website, newspapers, periodicals and other media set up the "open" two pioneering "new journey" column.

clear steps to promote the overall development of improved. Activities are divided into propaganda and mobilization, organization and implementation, summary and improvement of three stages. In order to ensure the effectiveness of activities, set up a leading group of the company’s activities, and a clear division of labor. Require all units adhere to the "action" and "optional" combination of well-designed activities of various activities, and actively carry out the task of education with the characteristics of the situation.

to close to the grassroots, close to reality, staff activities, the situation and tasks of education and safety management of production and operation of enterprise culture construction, combined with other main recommendation

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