Chen Xiangshi and his wife sold the farm products monthly income of over million yuan – net

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vast rural areas, there are a lot of specialty, however, how to sell these products, in fact, is the problem faced by countless farmers. And Chen Xiangshi couple relatively, but it is a successful guide. Early in the morning, in a farmhouse in Kaihua County of Quzhou Tong Village Du hang, the villagers Chen Xiangshi couple began to busy open.

wife Jin Gui began to burn straw ash, with boiling water brewing, Lek out of the brown water, lye to. Husband Chen Shi Tuzao phase to help put the fire to boil water, put on the steamer, scoop up a spoonful of rice covered with a layer of cooking…… This kind of life, the couple has become accustomed to each order to come, is the busiest time of the day.

Chen Shi GUI Chai and accounted for of the rural couples in Du hang has been a minor celebrity. Husband and wife used to rely on farming for a living, her husband Chen Shi Shi is a real farmer, his wife accounted for the country is a small local famous chef. "Usually we both husband and wife are at home to do farm work, life has not seen improvement. An accidental opportunity, a number of guests come to my home town to see the home with special purchases for the Spring Festival, native products, did not expect the city people especially love, it would be "stolen" light." Chen Xiangshi recalled, still fresh.

he will smell business opportunities, start a small business, selling sweet potato vermicelli, thousand layer cake, dumplings and other native salt water. The most popular is our home made a special layer of cake, it has a unique taste, not only to maintain the original taste of rice, as well as a hint of straw flavor, foreigners like to eat." For Guangxi Chai said with a smile, don’t look at parfaits with rice cake almost, its workmanship, material is more complex, light cooking process will need to spend most of the day, there is no fold pattern is an important standard to judge the Millefeuille is good.

just started, in fact, did not report much hope, as a sideline to do, customers are mostly relatives and friends introduced." Chen Xiangshi said, later fame spread, many customers come here, from one month to receive a list of half a month two or three list, now have their own suppliers.

"every time the phone call orders, my heart indescribably happy, near the county order no later than second days can be sent to the far point, we send by courier to the past." Chen Xiangshi said that from February last year, at least 3 orders per month. In addition to the supply of local farmers, but also the use of relatives and friends to sell some of the hotel in Jinhua, Yiwu and other cities.

gradually, sweet potato vermicelli, thousand layer cake, base dumpling…… These star local products have appeared on stage, out of the farmer’s table, into the city’s supermarkets and restaurants, to achieve a gorgeous turn, but also led the couple to get rich. "Although not every customer orders, a cooking parfaits will sell a 150 yuan, but we recommend to people in rural areas

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