Grab red extends out of business skills

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grab red envelopes, I believe that many people are now very familiar with. The past two years of the new year, many people can say that even the reunion dinner are immersed in red envelopes. "Since the red envelope, it completely destroyed my values. Previously dropped 10 Fen on the ground I do not see, and now more than a dollar that is a large sum of money, more than $five, I choked, more than ten pieces of wet eyes…… Now, a penny is hard to come by."

traditional "red envelopes" in the new fashion into the social network after the rapid change red, electronic envelopes from the beginning of the Spring Festival last year, quietly rising in WeChat, QQ and Alipay to boost network platform, undoubtedly become a fashion craze, your teachers use it, relatives and friends gifts with it. A few dollars or even a few cents "red envelopes", in each other, for distribution of joy, quietly closer interpersonal distance, enhance the feeling.

in the surge "red fly" tide, to our retail impressive is the thinking of a friend, but also keep up with the fast pace, "WeChat red" use it for their own branding, marketing power, when stunning "red envelopes" effect, when people envy, envious, we might ask these pioneers to introduce to our experience, so that we can seize retail business opportunities in the flying flying under the red.

Caidian District of Hubei city of Wuhan province

Chang Fu Zhen Xin Wu Cun Du Lihua grocery store owner

grab red envelopes this year’s Spring Festival popular, even this year’s thirty Spring Festival Gala also joined in, we can through micro-blog, WeChat, QQ and other ways to grab the red envelope, to bring a lot of joy to life. This year, my wife said to me: "you may wish to store old customers look at the red envelope, pulled into the customer with the owner in the distance, but also can collect their opinions in order to better manage the store, do a better service. The money from 0.99 to 8.88, so not only can the depth of communication and customers, enhance customer stickiness, but also effectively collect customer needs and understand the next need to improve what customers are very feel, the sense of participation is he enjoy."

I give them a red envelope, but also wrote a few words of blessing, the issue of WeChat red envelopes is to send the main points of the feeling, the amount must be a lucky number, such as 0.99, 1.88…… With 8, with a band of 9, with more than the number of the more lucky customers prefer the 6. After I finished the direct circle of friends screenshot, so that we know you are doing this thing. The customer is equal to the red WeChat after you do two ads, so let more people know your name.

WeChat red rage, can not help but smell business marketing opportunities, a penny can attracted people berserk, such investment than other marketing methods more affordable and more interesting. For some young people